Installing Relays Automatically Through Fix-let Action Script

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Hello I new to this product and were in the process of getting a plan together to deploy in the near future.

I need to know if this is possible to create a fix-let that would check to see if the name of the computer matches a certain pattern (Example computer name is like bxxxx-1-xxxxxx then relevance would be true) then run Fix-let action script to make computer a relay. The reason I’m asking is we have over 600 field branches each one will have a relay using the -1 being station 1 as relay for that branch. This environment is not static it changes a lot with new workstations or repaired stations with different names. Because of this it’s a real challenge to maintain all of the relays that get taken out of commission due being shipped off and a new one replacing it. The one thing that does stay static is the naming convention of (bxxxx-1-xxxxxx) anything with a -1- in the name will always be a dedicated relay for the branch.

Thanks Russ

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The simplest way would be

computer name as lowercase contains “-1-”

You don’t really need the “as lowercase” but it’s a good thing to have when dealing with computer names especially if you are going to add some alpha characters to this relevance at a later date.

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Thanks Noah,

So if I under this right I would have something like this

Note I’m not tiring to write in relevance speech since I’m a newbie

1)some sort of name of OS =win

2)computer name as lowercase contains “-1-”

3)Version of bes client is >7.2

3)computer is not a relay “note not sure if there is an relevance for this one”

all these would end up being true with a newly added workstation with agent loaded to our domain. Then action script would install the relay on the workstation and then relevance would evaluate to false witches what I want this fix-let to do.

BTW I have attempted for 1 1/2 years to get this product in place and been shot down each time until recently so I’m really hoping they can finally close the door on this purchase.

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The easiest thing to do would be to create a group for your machines and then target the relay installation task to those machines.

  1. Tools --> Create New Automatic Group…

  2. Give the group a name and set the inclusion property to: Computer Name Contains -1-

  3. Click OK and save your group.

After creating your group, you should wait for awhile as computers will need to evaluate the group definition and decide if they match the criteria. Once you are confident that the group contains only the machines it is supposed to contain (you may need to go back and add more criteria, like OS = windows), then you can target the relay installation task to all machines that are members of your group.

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Thanks Jessewk

I reviewed the task for relay it does all the checking for you so it would only be relevant to ones that didn’t have it installed. Any new workstations with the name of -1- which be the only ones that would get it. I did notice there are many options on this task for installing to default or largest disk partition and so forth. Would you be able to schedule a task like this to run once a week even though there are multiple options when installing. Would you just change the behavior of the default action to be one of the options like just use the default location and let it install to new workstations.


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I would click the action link that expresses the installation behavior you’d like to use. After entering any requested parameters, in the Take Action Dialog use the ‘policy’ drop down from the presets menu and target your group.

Anytime a machine in the group comes online and it does not have a relay installed the action will become relevant and install the relay. No need to schedule anything.