Installed MS Security Updates Reporting

I don’t know if this is simply due to an ignorance of exactly how to find, or how to create, the data necessary for what we’re looking for, but we’ve encountered an issue with WebReporting and the status of Installed updates as opposed to Remediated updates (as it is defined in the Reports).

The group in our enterprise that does actual reports of patch status was using (without my knowledge) the Remediated numbers in WebReports for updates - without realizing that these numbers are not actually showing updates that have installed (since superceded updates will show Remediated once they have been set to Not Relevant). What they are looking for are the numbers of updates that have actually been installed.

So, what I’m looking for is some advice on how, or where to look, in WebReporting to create a report that shows which updates have actually been installed (a total number). From what I can tell, the Critical Application Updates (Windows) Report seems to show this - but I could be second guessing myself.

Could someone by chance provide some info or clarification? It’s completely possible that I’m overthinking this, and due to the (perceived) urgency of getting this data I’m overlooking something.