Install scanner fails

I have a customer using ILMT, where at 1 client the software scanner failed to install.
The installcit.cmd is not finishing correctly, the BESClient log contains:
Command failed (Thread execution failed (2)) waithidden “D:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\LMT\CIT\citinstall\installcit.cmd” (action:173)

Because installcit.cmd didn’t finish to execute, there is no installcit.log file in the BESClient \LMT\CIT directory either.

I have googled on the “thread execution failed(2)” but couldn’t find a proper explanation and the other error about this in this Forum seems no explanation either.

Manually executing installcit.cmd from an administrator command prompt succeeds. BESClient.exe is running as Local System account .

Anyone familiar with this problem?

Try opening a command prompt using system and then executed the script. You can use the PSexec script.

Thanks rohit and Ben for the reply. The command prompt (cmd.exe) is executed “run as Administrator”. The BigFix client service has Local System Account privileges.