Insights Database Growth


We are running BigFix 10.0.6 and have implemented BigFix Insights on a remote SQL server. WE are seeing the insights database grow 1 to 2 GB a day for the past 3 months. It not unusual for use to retire or reimage 300 to 500 Windows desktops a day. The retired boxes will never return and the reimaged boxes obtain a new ID number. Daily we run a routine to remove systems that haven’t reported in for 7 days in a attempt to keep things cleaned up. My question is when a box is removed from the BigFix Enterprise database, should these old systems then also be removed from the insights database once the ETL has run? Is there a SQL routine to run against the insights database to remove old systems. I didn’t see anything at this URL

It believe it depends how you have configured your insights DB, in our case we’ve set it to take a full backup from our production server every 3 hours and restore the backup onto the server we’ve set up the database for insights on as you never run ETL against your production server.

If you’ve enable tlog shipping then check your frequency.

Your main DB should be fully replicated to your insights DB so should “technically” replicate whats in there and no more. It really shouldn’t be any bigger I don’t believe.

The best person to confirm though would probably be @Aram

So we also do a full backup and replicate that to the Insights server once a day. From what we are seeing Insights is keeping old computers information that have been deleted from the console. Do you run the bes admin tool to remove old computer records every day?

There are two deletion intervals.

I can’t remember the names or default ages, but the first removes the computer from the console, but it remains in the database until the second time limit passes.

I think explicit removal from the console is just marking the computer record as quiescent rather than removing it altogether