Incomplete Virtualization Hierarchy

Hi, running BFI 9.2.5,

On the PVU Subcapacity report, I see about 100 “Incomplete Virtualization Hierarchy”. What is the best way to go about troubleshooting this?



To add to this, all of my VMManagers are reporting “OK” and the connection status is successful on all.

Take one of machines that show such status and make sure it in fact is located on one of those defined hosts, looks like you might have missed one VMManager.

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I am continuing this thread to share what I learned about this specific set-up. So when I ran Reports>PVU Subcapacity report and drilled into a product, the date range defaults to 90 days ago. However, we only setup the VMManager a couple of weeks ago. Thus, if I filter the report on just the current date, it will appear correct and the comment goes away and the server name is correct.

This leads me to my next question. I guess in previous products, this comment would “self-correct” after a month. For example, based on the last month’s VMManager data, the tool filled in the gaps for past data. Is this true for BFI?

I do have the same problem and my report range is also latest but still I am getting Incomplete Virtualization Hiearchy.

What next I can check?

Please advise.

Thank you for all your help

Did you setup VMmanagers for all your guests?

Hey Michal @sysadmin ,

I want to extend my thanks to both of you the issue is resolved by changing the time range of the report and now I am not seeing any Incomplete Virtualization errors in my report.

Thank you Guys.


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Hello Michal ,

I am having a situation where one of my physical host having 12 cores but in the pvu subcapacity report the cores are coming as 12 .

What could be the reason?

Thank you for your time.


Sounds like you are using all cores :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion , the total cores are 12 where in the Physical Server CPU Core Sub capacity report the count is coming as 13. Also the Physical Server CPU Core Sub capacity Limit is coming as 18.
And in actual the total cores are 12 (verified physically).
Machine model is X5670 Intel Xeon and based on the cpu configuration should 2*6 i…e 12 cores then why ILMT is reporting the different cores.

What could be the cause?


Sounds like problem with CPU identification. Open case for this.

Anything else we can check before opening a case?

Also how would i ensure whether i am having support licence to open case for ILMT issues?


I think before LMT case is opened, you should open thread on LMT support forums and only open case when support team asks for it.