Including quotes in registry value using regset

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I want to include a string when I set a registry value that has quotes inside of it.

Registry value name: SPath

String: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Application\App\App.exe” /server /port 4343

Failed attempt: regset "


" “SPath”="“C:\Program Files (x86)\Application\App\App.exe” /server /port 4343"

What should I be doing to get these quotes to be included here around the file path…?

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Replace the inner set of double-quotes with %22, so for the last part of your command string you would have:

“%22C:\Prog…App.exe%22 /server /port 4343”


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This gives me %22 on both sides of the path - they do not seem to translate into quotation marks…

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Note that I’ve also tried blackslashes for escaping quotes, double quotes, and some other tricks to no avail.

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It looks like you were on the right track, but there is a limitation with regset when there are spaces within escaped quotes. What you’ll want to do instead is create a .reg file and then import it.