Include Web Clips in "Enterprise App Store" list

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Hi all,

Is it possible to add Web Clips to the IBM Mobile Client’s app store list?

I know we can simply host the web clips on a website and then “Add to Homescreen”. I also know we can create an iOS profile with the Web Clips in the iPhone Configuration Utility and push it through TEM, but we’re looking to centralize all iOS apps (both native and web-based) in a single location.

Another question I have that’s a bit off topic, are there plans to have a web-based app store functionality?



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Hi Ivan,

As you said, you can deploy WebClibs through the iOS Profile Configuration Dashboard (and we are building in some more options to make this a little easier)… The profiles can be delivered through actions in any way you would normally push actions, but not as a recommended app…

But… I think this is a good idea… I am going to add it as a request for us to look at in a future release…

Can you let me know what you are looking for in a web-based app store… Specifically, what will it give above the device-level recommended apps?


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Thanks for the reply, Ben.

As for the web-based app store, we were considering the possibility of customizing and integrating the store into our own corporate dashboards and sites. Maybe even including a “Download to device” link where users can “push” apps to their devices while on a computer. Perhaps it could be done through SOAP calls? I’m thinking out loud here…

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Hey Ivan,

Yep… You can use our APIs (SOAP and Platform) to do a custom integration with your internal web portals…