In BigFix console Actions are not showing

We are not able to see Action is BigFix console, what are the causes and pls advise me how resolve this issue.

What type of accounts are the ones who are not seeing the others’ actions? is it NMO (Non-Master Operators)? Do you have the same problem if you are to check the console with MO account?

Generally, there are two things to consider:

  • Depending on the roles there is permission level “Show Other Operators’ Actions” needs to be ON to be able to see

  • Even IF you have this permission set the actions only BECOME visible to the other operator AFTER at least one computer has reported some kind of status against the action, so hypothetically if the action is targeting dynamically by computer property which has not become relevant against any computers just yet OR if you have action targeting machines that are currently not reporting the actions will not become visible to the other operator.

I don’t necessarily agree with the second item but this is just how it works. I had to advise our operators in such cases to check Web Reports and see if they can see the actions there as a workaround. Hope this helps you.

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