Importing drivers issue from Lenovo driver package

I downloaded a driver package from Lenovo, and not all drivers are getting recognized/imported. I have selected all available os options PnP and non PnP with the result. Some drivers are imported except three. What other options do I have?


I’m running into the same problem. lol, this also old…
So, I just downloaded the driver pkgs from Lenovo site for SCCM and uploaded it to the Driver library.
Then I did the binding grid to find out what drivers it would be missing right? and I have 5 missing on the T470 of the Lenovo ones. Any help it would be greatly appreciated.

Note, Im also importing as PCI driver only

any help on this would be appreciated. this is my first-time uploading drivers and not sure how you guys tackle it. or best practice.
Tho the documentation I read it advises small folders and data.

I suggest to deploy the OS to see if actually some drivers are missing in the final OS for some devices, in that case identify the device where the driver is missing, match it with the driver library device entry and eventually with the driver in the imported Lenovo driver package, to understand if actually the driver is needed but not present in the package, or if the driver is in the package but not correctly applied to the device, or even if the driver is not needed so no action is needed.

Hi Sergio.
It shows 3 missing devices in the device manager. and for some reason the video one looks like crap. it picks up an intel one.

I tried uploading more drivers and binding them, but no go :frowning:

could you identify the devices where the driver is missing or not working properly (with their PCI ids) and match them with the driver library device entries?

what do you mean.

OK, so I found out what one of the problems was for teh video one. and its the resolution that is comes up after drivers are installed. making the screen 4:3 with black bars of the side after I manually changing the resolution that was fixed. However unsure why its doing that and how to stop it from doing it.

so under devices its the device ID right?

Then I look for some driver on the Lenovo site and was able to make the ID match (now the driver I found was for W7 ) uploaded the driver and thinking this is going to fix it right?

so I did that but I still have 1 device with the same ID with driver not found.
then I added manually as in the screenshoot

and when I open the device to edit. nothing :frowning:

so my questions really are… why is the video driver not going optimal resolution after driver install.
and what is going on with this drivers x.x

From Device Manager on the endpoint. The Details tab has a Hardware Ids drop-down option.

about screen resolution, you can change it applying the following settings in the [Default] section of your manual tab, for example for 1280x1024
About device with no driver, you can try to deploy the system to see if you find the device without driver in the hardware management of installed system (and it this is giving functional issues) or it can be ignored.