Import warranty data into BigFix?

I am trying to get our systems’ warranty expiration dates into BigFix so that they show up in a column in the console and can be reported on through web reports. I have a .csv with two columns, one with the computer names, one with the expiration dates.
I was able to create a task that uses a parameter action query to create a registry key and a property analysis to display the key’s value in the console, but this involves doing each computer one by one. The goal is to somehow import this information into the BigFix database and tie it into the properties of each computer. WinRM is disabled here, so PowerShell is a no-go. I also played around with psexec with no luck.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance!

You can use a BigFix action to write the warranty info to a file or registry. I believe that WinRM is not required to run powershell through BigFix.

Solutions for this already exist for Dell systems.