Import Data to bigfix

Hi all,
we have this requirement that came across for reporting.
we want to have the user information(first name,last name and UUID) for each computer.
we have to feed the person info based on the serial number of the machine.

is there anyway to do this. any help on this is much appreciated.


Information in BigFix is endpoint based.

You could generate an action for every endpoint using relevance to only be relevant on the computer with that particular serial number and that action would set the user info. This would be done through the REST API. This method could have issues if there are a very large number of endpoints.

Another option is to have every endpoint download a file with the serial number to user info mapping for every endpoint in it, and then the endpoint pulls out just the record for itself and then tags itself with the info. This option scales better to larger infrastructures.

Thanks for your response. as you said there is more end point in our environment.we can’t afford to do in each end point. we are wanting to try something similar like the Location wizard load.
having subnet provided you can load the location. in our case the Identyfing Number is available inside IEM and we need to load the Person Names. do you think this is something doable

If you have a mapping between serial numbers and user identities in a single file for all endpoints, all endpoints can download that file and then tag themselves with the user identity that belongs to them. This is doable.

Once the actionscript is written to do the tagging from the format of the file that you have with this mapping, then you can use something like the REST API to automate the creation of the task/fixlet/action that will actually do the tagging. The file with the mapping could be hosted on an internal webserver that only the root server could access or similar, or on the root server itself. A prefetch command can be generated for that file specifically and added to the actionscript, which allows the file to be distributed efficiently using the Relay caching infrastructure. Relevance can be added to the Task/Fixlet/Action so that it only is relevant on computers not already tagged.