Image Build Step Failed

I’m currently trying to import a slip streamed Win 7 x64 iso. When running the import image the process starts as normal but then fails with the following ,

Image Build step failed. Check that available disk space on the %USERPROFILE% volume is at least 4 Gbytes.

I can confirm that i have 30 gb of space. If i run the import using the installation media folder the install file imports but i cannot build with it.

To prove I dont have an issue with the iso i have built offline with no problems.

can anyone advise on this issue.

did you solve the problem? and how?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I did resolve the issue I had to extract the wim from the iso. This was more of a workaround. Since the latest update of MDT I’ve not experienced the issue at all.

thanks… have a same problem with 1709 OEM edition and with last MDT Bundle.