ILMT Uninstallation not complete

I tried to uninstall ILMT from 4 servers using the uninstall fixlet. However the same 4 servers still shows applicable for the uninstall ILMT fixlet. Please suggest if I am missing something? TY

I seem to remember requiring a reboot after removing ILMT/Inventory if you want to fixlets to not be applicable. What is the name of the fixlet? Are you trying to remove ILMT itself or the BigFix agent?

The name of the fixlet is ‘Uninstall ILMT / TAD4D Agent’ and we are trying to un install ILMT not the agent. Also I guess a pending reboot could be the reason to complete the flush out of ILMT from the servers. Thank you for your response :).

I don’t have console access at the moment but I suspect one of the pieces of relevance doesn’t swap from true–>false until after the reboot.

OK, will check, thank you.