ILMT install scanner getting failed


I recently installed/configured ILMT & some of servers having issues like ILMT fixlet Install or upgrade scanner is getting failed. After looking into InstallCIT.log CIT.INI is showing missing.

Looking for INI file: /etc/cit/cit.ini
INI file not found or outdated (code=1)

Due to exit code 1 action is not getting finished & in result to that fixlet showing failed for those servers, does anyone face this before or have any suggestion to get rid of it.

Anyone having idea what does this mean “Updating common trace path=’/usr/ibm/tivoli/common’ result=13”

while installing ILMT scanner I am getting this under installcit.log file due this task is getting failed.

Have also raised PMR but still stuck here.

Hey, let me see if I can get someone from CIT to take a look at this thread.

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Is this coming from a Solaris zone with a sparse root?
"/usr" directory is part of such solution.
Therefore modification of its content is not possible.


Thx Michal ! it will be a great help

Yes ! Wojciech, its a Solaris 10.5 device but no idea what is sparse root.

We aprox 150 solaris devices where only issue with 45-50 servers.

OK while investigating finding is LMT scanner is only getting installed on Solaris Global Zone servers not on Local Zone servers.

/usr is the location which is read only somehow Linux Admin team is not able to modify it.

Hence is there option we can modify LMT scanner installer/script to install LMT scanner under /var specifically for these servers.

I think in next release which is scheduled to be released this month (subject to change, as always)
we added feature where you can change scanner install location

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Thanks @michalpaluch for the response but its mean we cant install LMT Scanner on Local Zone servers hence cant fetch ILMT data for them.

Is there any link or reference where it has been discussed or said that local zone servers are not supported for current version, just want to make sure the things before going back to my management with answers.

Thanks Wojciech, yes its a sparse root our Linux Team confirmed it so thats mean local zone servers data cant be fetched for ILMT ?


As Michał previously stated LMT’s next release will provide a feature that will allow to install CIT scanner in a non-standard directory. It will be available at the end of September.


Im having the same problem on one computer. Were you able to solve this problem? Thanks


You can choose the path to install scanner. More info: