ILMT - ILMT web console is not getting launched

Hello Team,

ILMT web console suddently stopped working. We tried restarting the ILMT service. It was taking time to stop and start. but no effect.

I have checked tema.log as well. Below are the latest log contents :

00147fc1 I SRVE0292I: Servlet Message - [tema]:.[INFO] Rendering html template

[7/15/20 16:39:49:013 UTC] 00147fc1 I SRVE0292I: Servlet Message - [tema]:.[INFO] Rendered html template (0.0ms)

[7/15/20 16:39:49:015 UTC] 00147fc1 I SRVE0292I: Servlet Message - [tema]:.[INFO] Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 1192ms (Views: 231.1ms)

[7/15/20 16:46:21:357 UTC] 00000015 A CWWKE0055I: Server shutdown requested on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 4:46 PM. The server server1 is shutting down.
[7/15/20 16:46:21:373 UTC] 001480ce A CWWKE1100I: Waiting for up to 30 seconds for the server to quiesce.
[7/15/20 16:46:22:685 UTC] 001480cf I CWWKO0220I: TCP Channel tema-ssl has stopped listening for requests on host * (IPv6) port 9081.
[7/15/20 16:46:22:685 UTC] 001480cf A CWWKT0017I: Web application removed (default_host): https://localhost:9081/
[7/15/20 16:46:22:701 UTC] 001480ce I CWWKE1101I: Server quiesce complete.
[7/15/20 16:46:22:826 UTC] 0014801e I SRVE0253I: [tema] [/] [Internal REST Servlet]: Destroy successful.
[7/15/20 16:46:22:841 UTC] 0014801e I SRVE0253I: [tema] [/] [rack]: Destroy successful.
[7/15/20 16:46:22:888 UTC] 0014801e A CWWKZ0009I: The application tema has stopped successfully.
[7/15/20 16:46:23:732 UTC] 001480ce A WTRN0105I: The transaction service has shutdown successfully with no transactions requiring recovery.
[7/15/20 16:47:10:029 UTC] 00000001 A CWWKE0036I: The server server1 stopped after 24 days, 1 hours, 42 minutes, 32.482 seconds.

Thanks in advance !!

500 Internal Server Error usually indicates a database issue - database could be down or offline.

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According to this log excerpt, it looks like ILMT stopped but did not restart. Are you sure it restarted?


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Thank you @itsmpro92 and @mtrain. The problem got resolved after restarting the server. The service was stuck for some reason.