IEM Server and ILMT Server on the same VM

I would like to know if anyone has installed the IEM Server and the ILMT Server on the same VMware virtual machine? I haven’t been able to find out if it is allowed or not. It wouldn’t be any problem to have a separate VM spun up for each but if I can get away with one VM for both I would prefer that.

If you will be using RHEL+DB2 platform for IEM/ILMT, then just go ahead and install the all-in-one installer. All-in-one will combine all the components of IEM/ILMT on a single RHEL server and its installation is pretty straight forward. If you want to use windows+sql, first install SQL server on windows then IEM server and then deploy ILMT on the same server through the IEM console.

How many endpoints do you plan on monitoring?


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