IEM Root Server autoamtically getting stopped

Due to Security concerns,I’m removing this post

I would recommend opening a PMR to help troubleshoot this issue: How to ask for IBM product help: PMRs, RFEs, and more. In the PMR, I would include a copy of the besrelay.log from the Root Server (…BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\besrelay.log), as well as any .dmp files from the same location.

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You definitely need to check the root server log files and the windows event logs, but as @Aram mentions, a PMR is definitely in order if you can’t find anything obvious.

Due to Security concerns,I’m removing this post

It is certainly helpful to have the Root Server service be configured to restart on failure, but I’d suggest that is a workaround more than a fix. It would still be worthwhile to investigate the cause of any consistent service failures.


I agree with @Aram, I’d be worried about this without finding the root cause.