IEM Client Health Reporting, Remediation and Automation

Hi Guys!

This happens to be my first post in the community and with what I have gathered so far “We are Growing”… :smile:

I am very new to IEM, most of my experience has been with SMS, SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012 and now been asked to propose a solution which would do the following I) auto remediate clients missing the BES client (An automatic client health check solution)

** Can we leverage the Deployment Health Checks Dashboard for this purpose?

ii) Removing inactive systems from the database so that we have no duplicate machines appearing in our Active Clients Report ( Does TEM Computer Remover do this?)

Look forward to some answers…

Do you mean remediating clients that have been uninstalled, or clients that are not reporting in, or computers that have never had the client installed in the first place?

The best option would be to use Active Directory or any other management solutions (SCCM) you might have to install the BES Client on machines that are missing it. There is a Client Deployment tool to help with this. You could also do this with PSExec, PowerShell, or other options.

The TEM Computer Remover will remove duplicate computer entries.