IEM 9.0 evaluation installation

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Hi, hopefully someone can provide answers regarding the V9 evaluation

  1. If the server must access internet via a proxy server with username & password, are the steps to install still the same as V8? i.e., create a local administrator account matching the proxy username & password, logon as the new local admin, configure IE to use proxy, install IEM and then set the service to run as the username & password.
  2. With regards to this username & password, am I able to use the matching AD user?
  3. Are we still able to install the V9 evaluation using another machine with internet access and generate a masthead file?

Many thanks

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  1. Yes, although check out this post too -
    Legacy Communities - IBM TechXchange Community

  2. Yes you can. Although I usually use something like IEMadmin to differentiate this from AD.

  3. Not sure what you’re asking here.

I’ve recorded a few videos on IEM to assist customers during the install and post config -

With the 30 day eval, it can take a little while for the sites to download once it’s installed too.


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many thanks.

I’ve followed the steps given in the post but is getting “407 Proxy Authentication Required” error message in BESRelay.log.

Looking into the proxy server dump, there is no username and password information pass to the proxy. I believe this is the issue.

Diagnostic tool is showing all green including the internet access.

Compare to the IE traffic from the same server, username can be seen included in the traffics.

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Hi there,

Maybe try the settings from this article -


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Thanks for the tips. It does nothing to my setup. I’m wondering if there is anything I didn’t perform properly or this is a bug in V9.

Just curious, URLMonAuthPhrase needs to be in plain text or encrypted?

  • if plain text, there is a disconnect with the password set via BESAdmin, which is encrypted
  • if encrypted, there is no words on how to encrypt it

Seems to be all these settings are more like a patch work rather than a well designed configuration.

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Yes, I believe it’s in plain text. Proxy support, yes I’ve posted an RFE for enhancements for proxy setup with IEM -

BTW, I believe you’re in Singapore. So please contact me via @vtdarryl (twitter) if you would like to be put in touch with a local IEM SME - where you can be provided a trial license for longer periods (essentially like production software)


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Current workaround is to run BESAdmin command to set the proxy username and password as mentioned in the documentation. After that, set the Proxy key value to :@<hostname/IP>:.

IEM services can still run as SYSTEM account and no other configuration required, as far as I can tell.