Identify BigFix Console Installations

I came across the Analysis - BES Component Versions where I can get the number of Consoles deployed in my environment , But in my case I am trying to fit a scenario where Consoles are deployed on few endpoints which don’t have Clients deployed yet.

Is there a log file in server which tracks the console communication with the server , So that I create my own analysis.

Anyone faced this scenario please share your approach for this.


There really isn’t a good way that I know of to track rouge consoles connecting to the server.

Somethings you may want to use to monitor connections:

Process Explorer is a good tool. You could run this on the server and then watch connections from machines that do not have clients. The connections will typically appear in the Remote Address column with higher port numbers.

The only problem with this is that if you have a lot of relays and or clients connecting to the server it could be tough to see which connections are recognizable as computers that have clients and which do not.

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Does your environment have a monitoring system? We have used tivoli monitoring to identify some things similar to this scenario.

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So your saying you want a property that pull back info from a root server log that would contain info on console connections? This might be possible, but it would have to be all of them, then you might be able to filter it out using session relevance, but that assumes that the log contains IP address info or similar for the connection.

I’m not certain such a log exists on the root sever, even if it has to be turned on, but it might.