IBM Web Reports

I am looking to have a single report that can show the desktops and laptops on the same page but in a group format. For example, the report could have the desktops on the top and laptops at the bottom.

Can web reports do this kind of report or is there a special design to import into web reports?


While not exactly grouped, you can modify the sort order for multiple columns in the Explore Data → Computers view:


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Thanks! This will do.


Am working on this relevance, and I cannot seem to query a custom property in one of site.

The relevance read like this,

<?Relevance concatenation of (html it) of unique values of (it as string) of trs of ( td of item 0 of it & td of item 1 of it & td of item 2 of it & td of item 3 of it ) of ( name of it, value of results (it, bes properties "Room") | "", value of results (it, bes properties "User Name") | "", value of results ( bes property "Application", it ), (now - last report time of it) < ("30 days, 00:00:00" as time interval) ) of bes computers whose (not exists (properties whose (name of it equals "VMWare" AND name of it equals "Server") of property results of it)) ?>

This question seems unrelated to the previous question, correct? If so, I’ll move this to a new topic/thread.

Are you receiving an error with this query? There is additional logic/filtering here…can you describe in words what data you are trying to query?


Am trying to pull the following information room, user name, the name of recent application installed and the date. I don’t have any issues with the room and the user name. But, the most recent application and the date does not seem to be working. Not sure if the bes properties is the correct statement or if there is a better way to pull this sort information.