IBM Mobility and Management Webinar: Do your WinXP devices have an XPiration date?

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Watch the webinar in which IBM’s endpoint management specialist Ashwin Manekar explains how IT can tell you the status of your endpoints in seconds while securely managing any device, at any location, any time.

The time has finally come for Microsoft to cut the cord on supporting WinXP leaving organizations who do not upgrade as open targets to hackers who could exploit vulnerabilities in expired devices.

Recent studies indicate that IT downtime not only has serious security implications but can also cost $1M per hour.

Now imagine a world where you have immediate visibility into the status of every device connected to your corporate data and can apply patches and security fixes before problems arise.

If you work on the front lines of managing laptops, desktops, and servers, you know a real-time solution that could tell you the state of endpoints in seconds–instead of days or weeks–while reducing downtime is critical.

The good news is you don’t have to imagine anymore–that day is here. Your endpoints don’t need to have an XPiration date!

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