IBM InterConnect 2017

Good Morning Big Fixers! Was a pleasure to meet many of you. I was blown away by the event, after meeting many of you I feel like such a Newbie! I have been working with Big Fix for just about two years with mostly just patch deployment and some basic fixlets. I recently took a new position at a former company to use Big Fix again, however some logistics to be worked out. Looking forward to expand my knowledge and experience with Big Fix with this communities help of course. I was impressed with the Big Fix bond you all share and hope to join this crew in the future discussions and adventures!



Thanks for the comments! It is wonderful to hear your positive feedback on the conference and BigFix user community.

I was delighted to host our largest Las Vegas BigFix user group meeting ever and meet so many awesome BigFix’ers!



Hi Anthony,

I meant to acknowledge your post earlier, sorry.
Thanks for taking the trouble to say hi.
Welcome and all the best to you.

Lee Wei

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No worries!!! I think we are all in twenty directions at one time…

I am in hopes, I hope to get to attend more Big Fix users group meetings!

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