IBM Endpoint manager Root access/Security Questions

IEM client --> Why IEM Client needs root access ? Can it Run as Non Root ?
What is the purpose of IEM Client ?
What is the protocol for communication between IEM Client and Server?
Will CIT Scanner and IEM Client run as 2 different process ?
What is the interval of IEM client and Server Communication ?

IEM Server --> When IEM Server/IEM Client will be available as Non Root?

IEM Console --> What are the data transferred from and to IEM Console ?

The IEM client must have root privileges in order for the actions you tell it to take to work, since most of them will require root privileges. It also allows you to audit and report on the configuration and security of the system. Some configuration can be reported on without root privileges, but most of it cannot.

IEM client will be running relevance and action scripts and posting the result back to console. So agent will be able to do many tasks at the client -like installing a software or checking the compliance.
IEM client communicates with IEM server/relay through TCP port 52311.