IBM BigFix Remote control ease of use compared to Logmein and Bomgar

We signed up for another year of Logmein premium begrudgingly. We have 30 locations and 185 endpoints and the ease of use connecting to our remote systems plus some of the other extras(remote command prompt, remote registry) make Logmein a solid product. However, the cost just keeps creeping upwards and we’re looking for a replacement. We trailed Bomgar and liked the ease of use but it lacked some of the features we use like alerts and One to Many.

Connecting to systems anywhere on the internet is important, and it looks like BigFix will do that as well. How does BigFix remote control compare to Logmein? Does it have good performance?

One of the other reasons i’m looking at BigFix lifecycle is to consolidate roles and find perpetual licensing solutions. This would be another long/post discussion.

Here’s the questions I asked when trailing a few other remote control products this year… ( simple help, screen connect, bomgar) I think BigFix would perform some of these features much easier… like file transfer, one to many installs, registry changes etc…

1.) Ability to remote into a computer that is online without user approval

2.) Bring up command prompt (in the background) and run application installs, run scripts, etc…etc…

3.) Hard reboot option without user approval

4.) See LAN and public IP

5.) File manager (transfer files unattended in the background)

6.) Alert email if a computer comes online

7.) Disk space and performance info ( not super important)

8.) See/Edit Registry in the background

9.) One to Many features - like file transfer, scripts etc.

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BigFix is able to do all of that kind of stuff and much more.
You will need the LifeCycle Management Product, which includes the BigFix Remoto Control Solution.
The implementation could be a little hard if you don’t know the product. If you needed just the Remote Control Solution you would install only the RC Sever and the RC Clients. This will give you the basic features(Remote control, transfer files).
The complete implementation of a BigFix Infrastructure, that includes BigFix Server, BigFix Relays, BigFix Clients, Web Reports Server, and BigFix Console Server will give you a lot of features and benefits.

All that you listed is possible with this ‘Full’ Implementation, and also many more, this will be the recommendation if you look for something better, of course the cost could be the same as your actual cost of Logmein(Or more expensive).