IBM BigFix Relay is not relevant

Hi all,

We want to install IBM Bigfix relay on windows 2012 R2 server, but it is not relevant to any computers. So, we evaluate all the relevance expressions using fixlet debugger. We are getting No inspector context error for both (version of registration server = “9.5” and evaluation of client license = false) expressions using local fixlet debugger evaluator. but it works fine when we try using local client evaluator.

Task Name : Install IBM BigFix Relay (Version 9.5.9)
Task ID : 3306
Task Site : BES Support

Errors :
Q: evaluation of client license = false
E: No inspector context.

Q: version of registration server
E: No inspector context.

Please suggest us, what are all steps to be followed to make IBM BigFix Relay (Version task relevant.

What version of BigFix are you upgrading from? Some older BES instances require first upgrading to an earlier version of v9.5 before you can get to the latest version.