IBM Bigfix Platform version flow


As per my understanding a Bigfix client with lower version should not report to a higher version of Bigfix Relay or Primary server however in my case my client at version 9.2.5 is reporting fine to Relay or server at 9.2.1.
Although this is not an issue but still curious to know if there is anything that changed with the newer version and what all problems I could face if this situation is not corrected or changed.

As far as I know endpoints with higher and lower versions should report fine to relays with the only exception that some functionality (whatever that may be) might be lost if not supported by the client and/or relay. Although not best practice, installing higher versions of a BES Client then relays still works. Upgrading is best done from top-down though.

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The client will report to relay with a higher or lower version of it.

When you have the scenario where the agent is older than the relay, there could be features that the client doesn’t support. However, it will maintain the connection with the relay.
It could be that at some point the connection broke and you can find issues. This scenario is supported by BigFix Team.

In the other hand, when the client is a newer version than the relay, it’s possible that you have problems with performance or wrong/missing information.
This scenario is not supported by BigFix Support Team.

The advise is to have all components with same version.

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