IBM BigFix Patch: Patches for Windows releases enhanced Microsoft Rollback Task Wizard

IBM BigFix Patches for Windows has enhanced the Microsoft Rollback Task Wizard to support the rollback of rollup updates on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

There is no change to the use of the wizard. You must be subscribed to the Patching Support site to use the wizard.

Enable the Patch and Rollback Analysis to identify the KB number. From the wizard, enter the KB number and select the OS to rollback to the earlier version.

For more information about the Windows Rollback Wizard, see Using the Rollback Task Wizard:

Actions to take
Gather the Patching Support site, version 664.

Published site version
Patching Support site, version 664,

Using the Rollback Task Wizard:
Patch Rollback Task Wizard technote:

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix

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