IBM BigFix Patch now supports Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

IBM BigFix Patch is pleased to announce the support for Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac.

Fixlets are available to help keep the Office 2016 suite for Mac up-to-date and ensure security across Mac OS X endpoints. Each Fixlet corresponds to a single application update and may contain a version number in the title that is not relative to the other applications.

Actions to take:

  • Gather the Updates for Mac Applications site to access the new content.
  • If Microsoft Office 2011 and Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac are installed on an endpoint, ensure that both applications are not actively running during the patch process for either one of these applications. These two applications may share the same files, which may potentially cause an error during patching. So, if you are planning to patch Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, ensure that Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is not running, and vice versa.

Updated site version:
Updates for Mac Applications, version 132

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix Patch

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A very welcome addition. Thanks!