IBM Bigfix: Linux Version upgrade using Bigfix

Hi Team,

We are in process to upgrade the RHEL Linux servers using Bigfix. Please suggest, how we can upgrade the specific version of Linux servers using Bigfix.

For example, currently Linux servers are running with RHEL7.1 version and we need to upgrade with RHEL7.2 version.

Also how i can identify the patches, which help us to upgrade the specific version.

If you want to perform the “upgrade” as a fresh install, then BigFix OS Deployment can do that as it supports RHEL imaging. Here is the user guide.

If you wanted to upgrade using yum you could easily write a task that would execute the yum upgrade commands. How familiar are you with BigFix and writing custom tasks?

Missed the last question… to identify missing patches you should subscribe to the RHEL patching content site (Pathces for RHEL 7, for example), subscribe computers to the new content site, give then some time evaluate the new content, and then see what is relevant for the specific machines you are looking to patch. I do not have access to a BigFix server with that content on it right now but I do not think we have content for version upgrades… just the individual patches. here is a link to the BigFix patch documentation.

Thanks, We need to perform upgrade on a existing server. Not Fresh install, is there any procedure for that.

Your RHEL admins should know how to run the upgrade… that process is not something BigFix is responsible for. However, if your admins tell you that the upgrade just entails running some commands (typically this would be done using yum) then that can easily be accomplished using BigFix. There is a tool on that can take a shell script and turn it into a BigFix action –

You do need some experience with custom content if you choose to take this route so feel free to ask any question you might have and we will try to answer it.

Thanks Duncan for your help & Suggestion.

BigFix OSD is also able to manage RHEL 7 Upgrades using ISO images as source.
See here