IBM Bigfix License Expired


I have using IBM Bigfix Patch Management 1000 license from 2013 onwards in my environment, also I renewal the license yearly a time (2014,2015,) , but I cannot renewal the license 2016 year, but the console shown (2037) validity available,
My query is if any patches release from MICROSOFT, after 2016, 2017 onwards those kind of patches is available on my Bigfix console?

or the license is not renewal so the patches is not applicable in my bigfix console, (it mean the patches is not shown my console)

Please clarify the query soon,


You will need to open a PMR or contact your IBM representative.

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If it shows as 2037, then you should be good and need not worry about it.
But still as @jmaple suggested check it with a IBM Rep. to confirm that.

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