IBM Bigfix Console support windows-10

Hi All,

I have using windows-10 machine, my bigfix server v9.1.1117.0,
is that console setup support with windows-10?


IEM 9.2.5 is the earliest version that fully supports Windows 10.

Did you try it and are having trouble?

Older versions of the client will work with Windows 10, but with some minor bugs and issues.

Any version of the console should run on Windows 10 without issue, but you would need to test this to be sure.


I have installed the console version 9.1.1117.0 in windows-10 machine, but the console shown error “console has stop working” and closed after login the console,


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This may mean that this version of the console is not compatible with Windows 10.

It may also mean that you are missing some of the Visual Studio Redistributables, or other things that may be required for the console to run correctly. I’m not sure if any of those are required or which versions though. You might also be able to use the compatibility troubleshooter in Windows 10 to get it to work.

It doesn’t look like there is support for Windows 10 for the console yet:

Plan for support of the BigFix Console on Windows 10 machines?

Formal RFE submitted:

I now run the console on a Windows 10 machine without issue.

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Which version of BigFix? And did you have to workaround any issues to get it running?

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No workarounds or issues.

I think it was 9.2 and now 9.5

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Thanks. I will work on getting confirmation from the BigFix PlatDev team that the console is expected to work and is officially support (or not) on Windows 10 and then ensure requests to update the documentation and fixlet relevance get submitted.

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Usually if you can get the console to install, open, and connect, then it will work. You could have issues with Flash based dashboards in some cases, but I think that worked no problem on Windows 10 as well.

I just downloaded and installed the console myself instead of using the fixlets/tasks for my test environment.

In production, we only allow console access from terminal servers, so it is a non-issue there.

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Same here, we are running the Console on Windows 10 already for a couple of months… No issues detected during installation and no work arounds needed :slight_smile: