IAM roles for AWS Cloud Plugin Portal

According to 10.0.4 release, the AWS cloud plugin in the plugin portal can be configured using an IAM role.
I have the 10.0.4 plugin portal installed with along with the WebUI on 10.0.4, but I don’t see an option for an IAM role like shown in this screenshot - IAM roles support

What am I missing?

I see once the the plugin is installed for the cloud provider, you can then edit it to add optional IAM role(s)

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We are planning to migrate from using User ID/Secret Keys to IAM Roles.
Do we still require to use Secret Keys even if we setup IAM roles?

That seems confusing as the benefit from using roles is that no keys should be used but seems like the plugin still requires that, we are still learning about it and wanted to check what other have learnt from using it.

At least one user is necessary because will be to assume the roles, so the keys required are for the user. The cloud admin could create n-roles that are able to make the discovery and assign them to the user. After this step, you can add the roles without inserting any keys.