I am curious if anyone is deploying Adobe Remote Update Manager (RUM) and if so how are they managing the version control aspect of the updates. Is there a command switch to specify app version for version control?

Hello Everyone,

Adobe Creative Cloud has a nice update tool known as RUM (Remote Update Manager) that is straightforward to package and deploy. I would like to use this utility to update Creative Cloud in my environment but there does not seem to be a way to control the update version. I typically like to test application updates before deploying them to all users. The issue with RUM is that it updates all apps to the latest version. if RUM is running in an open action and Adobe releases an update, this RUM utility will update the apps all the way to the latest version released before I can test. These updates can happen at any time. I am checking to see if anyone has a solution or work around to this problem. Thanks Everyone!

Hi, did you ever get an answer to your question or come up with a viable solution?

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