HttpRestartableBadHttpStatus error for CPM automatic Updates task

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i am trying to deploy the following task ‘Core Protection Module - Apply Automatic Updates’ on some of my tests machines and its status remains always ‘Pending Download’, the status of the following files,,, is failed with the following details :

Server error: “HttpRestartableBadHttpStatus”

Download requested by Clients:


Hash: 2c72fa37b96122ea70ba2efed176f069850b411f

Size: 619,800 bytes

Note that i have already tested this task and it was correctly deployed without any problem!

i also found the same issue on forums : and tried to download the files manually through the URL but couldn’t (HTTP 404 - File not found)

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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The Trend site needs to use a special download plugin to get the downloads to the BigFix Server… It sounds like maybe that piece is not working because the downloads aren’t available on your server. You should probably contact support.


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Ok, thanks Ben i will open a support ticket!

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Hello Ben sorry for asking again, i tried to open a support ticket but got no useful reply!

I wanted to ask about the missing plugin you mentioned, i had automatic updates running correctly on my machines, 3 months ago i stopped the running policy action ‘Core Protection Module - Apply Automatic Updates’.

When redeploying it again few days ago i got this error , i tried to first download the latestet pattern on some of my tests machines( as per support advice) and after the task ‘Core Protection Module - Apply Automatic Updates’ was no more relevant on my machines (hon which i deployed the latest pattern).

I noticed that the pattern version in the manifest.ini file on the server is still 20100429_082811, last time before i stopped the action 3 months ago.

Any suspects ?

Thanks in advance for your help on this!