HTTP Error 403 Forbidden

We encounter this BigFix Action Download error: “Unexpected HTTP response: 403 Forbidden" while deploying a Fixlet. We already check the proxy server BesAdmin.exe /setproxy and the server IP is already assigned there along with localhost,

We also tried accessing the URL via web browser and also unable to download it, but there are few with the same URL that are able to download to.

What is the download command that you use? “prefetch” or “download” request the download through the BigFix chain, which means it will be sent to via all relays as request to the root server and Root server will attempt to download/cache the file, which will then be made available downstream to all endpoints that are running the action. If you want the actual endpoints themselves to try to download directly from the specified URL then you need to use “download now” actionscript command instead.

If you’re using a proxy server, the proxy is blocking the download. You’ll need to work with your proxy admin to see why they’re blocking you, and add rules for the sites you need.