How to verify cache in relay through console?

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Hi all

How to verify whether the cache present in the relay or not while deploying some patches like (download size is more) through BES Console?

We have placed some cache (sha1 folder) on all Relays and BES Server because the transfer rate is very low.

So we have to check before applying a patch whether the concerned file is present in sha1 of its Relay.

Whether it is present in the server we will know and We are unable to check it in the Relay.

Can any one help regarding this…

Thanks in advance.



(imported comment written by BenKus)

Hi Shiva,

There is not currently an easy way to check on the caches of each individual relay in the Console. We have some plans to add this type of capability in the future, but I don’t have any specifics for you.

I suppose you could make a BigFix property to list the contents of the cache folders if you think that might help.