How to to comment an action line with // if it has "

adding // to an action line causes everything past the " become uncommented.
not sure how to force the whole line to comment.

Not sure I understand what you’re asking. Can you give an example?

Oh ok, that.looks like an artifact of the JavaScript that colorizes the text. The entire line is actually still a comment and the quotes will not be processed by the client.

ok so in an action

rem //**Begin Command Marker
//reset the error level
set errorlevel =

//“Remove Program” >> “{parameter “logFolder”}{parameter “logFile”}” 2>&1

i get an entry in the logfile
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

I think I’d need a snippet from the real action. It looks like you’re mixing up ActionScript comments and Batch comments.

Inside of a ‘createfile until’ statement, the // characters are not evaluated as ActionScript comment, they are embedded literally into the Batch file. And in Batch, a line starting with ‘//’ is going to be interpreted badly and give a message like you show.