How to tell what is being downloaded

So we have a lot of “cooks in the kitchin” when it comes to our bigfix implementation. People can schedule deploys in advance or immediate deploy. The thing I have to figure out (as the app owner) and be able to justify is bandwidth and who is pushing what.

Is there any good way to figure out what files are going out from the top level relays? I could try to figure out the action ID that MIGHT be causing the download, but that is too hunt-and-peck for me and doesn’t look good on my side to not really know what is going out through my system. That and I don’t want to have to search around our 3.5k relay RD pages to see what is being downloaded.

I second this request. I’ve been asked many times what is actually in flight, but that can be difficult to actually discern without some digging.

In addition to actions and their associated downloads, I’ve also seen WAN traffic due to IBM updating their sites which the clients then all need to evaluate. It would be nice to be able to have rules around scheduling that - off business hours.