How to setup and configure Management Extender for Android mobile?

(imported topic written by jinhui_li)

Hi, I have been trying to configure my besserver to manage my Android devices (I don’t have iOS devices). I looked through the MDM_Setup_Guide.pdf in the infocenter, and the wiki pages such as!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Enrollment%20and%20Apple%20iOS%20Management%20Extender%20Installation

I couldn’t find a section dedicated to explain MDM for Android devices, it somehow looks lumped with Apple iOS, but no clearly distinguished difference.

Following the wiki, I finished Step1 of “Deploy the Management Extender Fixlet”, and proceeded to step2, I read in the beginning of the wiki says “
NOTE: If your deployment does not manage iOS devices, the Enrollment and Apple iOS Management Extender can be deployed without an Apple APNS Certificate.”
, so skipping Step2, go to Step3, but clearly Step3 needs APNS Certificates. I m scratching my head, what shall I do now to configure the extender to manage my Android devices? Could anyone instruct me?