How to set up LDAP filter

I restrict query response on my LDAP server.
Therefore, it will not work with the default BigFix filter.

Please tell me how to set up the appropriate LDAP filter when using the following LDAP server.

-User filter:
Search time 5 seconds
Entry condition returned 5 cases
-Group Filter:
Search is not permitted, so do not search.

Do you mean that you only allow LDAP query to return five results? That does not seem reasonable at all.

My LDAP server restrict value is followings.

NG filter String : *
serch time : 1s
max count :10

And error status is the followings.

exceed time limit and size limit.

Ok then, doesn’t make much sense.
If you only allow ten results in a query then you are limited to ten console operators.list them in the query.


I used the uid attribute because I can’t fathom anyone configuring active directory that way. Your usernames may be based on another attribute.

Or don’t use ldap.

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Are these limitations of unauthenticated LDAP queries? or is this even an authenticated LDAP query?

You would need to make a read only user for bigfix to authenticate with LDAP to do the queries that don’t have limitations as restrictive for this to really make sense, unless you only have like 5 console operators total like suggested above.

How do you integrate any service with LDAP when it is this restrictive?