How to set file permissions?

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I need to set permissions to a file on all my system.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?



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Hey SA,

Windows (2000 and XP… maybe more) comes with a utility called “cacls.exe” (Change Access Control Lists). You can run this through BES if you would like.

For instance, imagine I want to grant “Everyone” “Read” access to “C:\test.txt”. I can create an action in BES like this (BES 6.0+ specific action):

waithidden cmd.exe /C cacls.exe C:\test.txt /E /G Everyone:R

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That worked! Thanks!!!


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Would this work as well to set permissions to a certain directory?

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Yes, the cacls tool will work on directories.

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I am having difficulties when attempting to set folder permissions on servers and workstations running Windows 2000/XP/2003.

Here is my Action:

waithidden cmd.exe /C cacls.exe c:\windows\repair"}" /G Administrators:F /G System:F - this works great, but…

If I try:

waithidden cmd.exe /C cacls.exe “{escape of “%25windir%25\repair”}” /G Administrators:F /G System:F - to target either “C:\Windows” or “C:\WINNT”, it completes but the permissions are not set.

I have also tried deploying XCACLS.vbs in conjunction with:

dos “cscript c:\windows\system32\xcacls.vbs c:\windows\repair /G Administrators:F /G System:F” - again if targeted specifically they work but I would like to fix them both at once. Can some one show me what I am doing wrong? Thank you.

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Try changing:

{escape of “%25windir%25\repair”}


{pathname of windows folder}\repair


{expand environment string of “%25Windir%25\repair”}

(I prefer the former over the latter…)


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That was the solution I was looking for, thank you.