How to set default relay selection method for new clients?

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I know I’ve done this before because I changed the default method to manual selection… Now I want to change it so all new client installs are automatic relay selection by default but not sure how.


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you could create a policy action that is a task that sets the clients to automatic.

"1" on 

for client

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That will change all the clients though, right?

I just want any


clients to have automatic relay selection. I have most all other clients setup as manual.

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yes, that will change all clients.

If you just want new clients, you could use the installer setup.exe with the clientsettings.cfg config file with the client setting set in there. Then you clients would checkin automatically set with Auto Relay Selectin.

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That sounds like what I need… You know what I need to put in there?

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i think this is what you want. Note there are 2 underscores**