How to see computer Serial Number (identifying number) in Bigfix database.

Hi guys,

I have problem. i retriving information computer properties about " identifying number - windows " in my console , and i want pull identifying number value from my bigfix database to my custom application. when i check the identifying number value (in the bigfix database) the result is NULL.


thanks anyway

What is the relevance behind ‘Hardware Info’?

Perhaps create your own custom property with if-then-else. For physical, return the Service Tag (Serial Number), for Virtual machines return the virtual ID.

The data is not easily retrievable via database direct connections, we would recommend using the REST API instead. As this is a BES Property, you could use a REST API query with the session relevance such as

(id of computer of it, name of computer of it | "Not Reported", value of it) of results of bes properties whose (name of it = "Identifying Number - Windows")

For more details on using the REST API, have a visit to and look for the REST API topic.