How to restrict downloads when celluar modem is being used


I don’t want my clients to connect bigfix relay via 3g/4g modems because users can use extra packet data from their personal contracts.

This is not a mobile device management environment but some laptops can be used with external 3g/4g modems.

Do you have any idea or a solution for such a situation?

It would be possible to write relevance to detect this condition and then set the BigFix client download throttling accordingly to prevent significant downloading, then switch back later.

Here is one example specific to an iPhone hotspot connection on OS X over USB:

You would have to write similar relevance for iPhone over Bluetooth and iPhone over WiFi and every other possible type you want to handle for every OS.

You could also just create an offer that users with mobile devices could trigger themselves to restrict BigFix downloads for X hours.

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thanks very much

in our case, there are ultrabooks (running windows 10) and have external usb celluar modems or have internal celluar modems.

I should create a relevance for these items.

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