How to remove computers from BFI console

Hi Team,
Please help me to remove non relevant computers from the BFI console as well as from the software reconcile reports.

You need to first remove the computer from BigFix, then run an import to reflect this removal in BFI.

See here:

Thanks for the help. But we need server should be active in Bigfix console and should not be in BFI. So how we can accomplish this request.

I’m not sure that you can; though you should be able to customize your reports in BFI to filter out this computer, perhaps based on a group membership.

In order to remove a computer from BFI only, you will need to un-subscribe the computer from the IBM BigFix Inventory v9 external site, and run an import on the BFI server.

Note that this will cause BFI to mark all of the software associated with this computer as not “present”; it will not remove the historical records of this computer’s discovered software…

Mark the computer’s software components as “suppressed” , if you don’t won’t them to be considered in the historical reports.