How to remove Brave Browser?

Does anyone have info/fixlet to remove Brave Browser?

I did come up with a rather dumb-simple way to remove it locally with cmd/Powershell, simply go ahead and remove the entire folder from %localappdata%\BraveSoftware and be done with it… locally, works like a charm.

rmdir /s /q %localappdata%\BraveSoftware


Get-ChildItem -Path “$Env:LocalAppData\BraveSoftware” | Remove-Item -Recurse -force

However, I tried running cmd, builtin PowerShell and it just does not work…

I need to delete the entire folder and all subfolders and files in there…

Any help pls? :slight_smile:

I have never used Brave browser.

Is there an installer for it, or do you just copy in the folder/file structure?

I’d start by seeing if it appears in Add/Remove programs. If so, there will be uninstall information in the registry. Use the forum Search to find information on this - I’m typing this on a phone, so entering the relevance isn’t easy