How to make a bigfix script to run a batch file

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hello I need help on running a batch file I create to run on about 400 servers. I create and need to run it in a cmd window and add the computer name. For example I logon to the server and go to “run” then type in “cmd” and type the directory of the batch file its located called “site_icalcs” so I type site_icacls then the computer name of the server. so from the cmd window site_icacls ids45658 but the computer name is different on all servers. so ids45658 is the computer name on one server

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Hi Jskim,

You can simply do:

dos c:\path\to\app\site_icalcs {computer name}

The {computer name} will have the client use our relevance language and get the computer name of the individual machine running the action.

Also this isn’t the best section for posting these types of question as this section is for questions about the forum page itself. I’ll move your post to the Fixlet Authoring section.