How to know if Server is in Hung stage

Hi All,

In our environment after rebooting server few of the server are always in hung state. Is there any way to find out from Bigfix which all servers are in hung state.
Please suggest!!

Are you asking about your servers as endpoints or the BigFix server?

If the endpoint has booted enough to run the agent then it may be able to help but not sure what you mean by a hung state.

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…and if the servers have failed to boot up enough to start the BES Client, you can see in the console or Web Reports that their “Last Report Time” is not updating.

I have a scheduled Web Report that emails me when servers in a certain computer group do not update their Last Report Time values for a couple of hours, as a fallback for our other monitoring systems.

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There are 2 different cases. One in which the BES Client is still functioning, but other parts of the server that are critical to it’s function are not… in which case you could try to use the BES Client to determine if that is true, but you would need to know a lot of specifics about that server to make that determination.

The other state is when the server is entirely hung up and not doing anything, in which case you could use the BigFix last report time like @JasonWalker recommended.

New Relic has a free tier that I would also recommend trying: