How to identify if the drive is from local or from SAN for servers

How to identify if the drive is from local or from SAN for servers in IEM console


You’ll need to be more specific on what you’re looking for and what you’ve tried.

Are you looking for this on Windows? Is the drive from the SAN done via an iSCSI initiator on the box? Is it done in ESXi or Hyper-v?


We need it for both windows and linux
Need only for Physical whether it is connected from Local/ NAS /SAN or ISCSI

Drive/FS is from SAN to Physical server.

How would you determine this (command line? Registry?)

Bigfix can retrieve properties in bulk across all of your endpoints, but you have to determine what you want to retrieve before any of us can help you.

When we do this, we distribute a SAN utility (like SANsurfer), execute a script locally that runs the utility with appropriate arguements, and exports the results to a file. We then use an analysis to parse the results.

I’ve found it helpful to keep historical results from this so that we can refer back and compare. Re-running the utility to refresh the data after a SAN upgrade/conversion or driver update can help to pinpoint problems.

{number of drives whose (type of it = “DRIVE_FIXED”)} Comparing before and after SAN or driver changes in addition to SAN utility output can be useful.

Thanks Jon. Let me try the utility